Multiplayer Open World Mode

Multiplayer open world mode is a infinite gameplay where player play the game for the purpose of continuing the game, explore the city and create their own stories in the virtual world.

We are creating a 3D virtual University Township where players can become citizens of the township by logging in and creating their identity (avatar). They can communicate with other citizens (avatar) in real time, thereby widening their friends circle and network across the globe. They can learn tech courses in the University, during which they can interact/solve problems/assignments with other students in real time (using Domain Workspace), thereby getting a live classroom experience. They can create their own live interactive podcasts and videos and create their followers/subscribers and generate the revenue. They can play interactive games using virtual sports complex. They can explore the city and create their stories/experiences with other players.


Single Player Fantasy World Mode

Single player story-based fantasy world mode is a finite gameplay where player play the game for the purpose of winning and to know the story of the game. 

It is a superhero story-based fantasy world mode gameplay where player is the protagonist who will fight against the antagonist in the story by understanding cut scenes and writer-driven approach.

The Assailant's Arrival - Video Game

A boy falls from an alternate world and attempts to survive in the present world by looking for shelter in a forest during the winter. Attempt to figure out how to return to his world, but destiny had other plans, will our protagonist survive, will he receive assistance from others, and will he be able to return to his world?