Yearner VR

Yearner is a multiplayer open world VR video game that offers gaming, peer-to-peer networking, learning and knowledge sharing. We have diverse game modes such as learning mode, content creator mode, interaction/community mode and story mode.


The Assailant's Arrival - Video Game

A boy falls from an alternate world and attempts to survive in the present world by looking for shelter in a forest during the winter. Attempt to figure out how to return to his world, but destiny had other plans, will our protagonist survive, will he receive assistance from others, and will he be able to return to his world?

The Christopher Redemption Part - I

  • The Christopher Redemption explores the intense and original story of Christopher and his sister.
  • Christopher, sets off to look for his sister, who has gone missing. Will he locate his sister, and what surprises does fate have in store for him?
  • Explores the dark world filled with three different environments filled with well-trained enemies, combat, and the need to discover the hints to find the missing sister.
  • Gain the resources and experience from the city to fight with enemies and survive.